Literacy Rebooted and (Re)defined: Expanding our Thinking for Increased Engagement and Achievement

Is our definition of literacy broad enough to raise the rigor and engagement in our classrooms? While Merriam Webster defines literacy as the ability to read and write, educators and researchers recognize this definition is too simplistic. When we broaden our definition and wrestle with what it really means to be literate in this 21st century, we open up the methods, tools, and mindsets of educators and learners to engage in becoming a truly literate society.  The goal of this presentation is to explore how a change in mindset around literacy and text can increase student learning and engagement.


From Carrots & Candy to Options & Ownership: Motivation & Engagement for Adolescents

This keynote aims to differentiate engagement from compliance. Participants will receive practical strategies backed by the science for engaging learners in rigorous academic literacy work.


From Frustration to Freedom: Engaging Adolescent Striving Readers

This presentation aims to bring educators into the shoes of an adolescent striving reader. Participants will explore the challenges students face when struggling to comprehend and consider how students can use their strengths to grow areas of need. Through the stories of the implementation of a literacy intervention program aligned to the most recent research on adolescent literacy, participants can see how they might (re)design their approach to engage learners, accelerate growth, and foster identity change for so many struggling learners.


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