“Any teacher who is involved in this training will take away 10-15 strategies they can take back to their classroom and use tomorrow, with very little prep!”  Betsy

“This seminar was fantastic! Great ideas and very engaging! All of the areas discussed can be directly applied and used in the classroom. My students will love these! Thank You.”

“Loved the “hot seat” and “storytelling” strategies that I learned! This will really liven up my classroom!”  Jennifer G.

“Teachers need to find ways to compete with videos, games and cell phones. This course gave me some fantastic ideas to do just that! Thank you!”.

“This training was absolutely outstanding. I’ve been around the block a few times and I’ve never seen anything like this…you get tools and strategies you can apply immediately – as in the “very next day.”  Lynanne M.

“If you are a true teacher, this program is what you believe in. This programs and strategies are designed to bring instant student motivation and engagement back into the classroom.”  Tamara M.

“I liked learning new ways to measure individual’s comprehension without grading papers! Way to go!” Teacher, Rice CISD

“…I was going to retire this year, tired of all the nonsense and students who don’t pay attention. This seminar has given me some great ideas to put into my lessons, I think I will be around a few more years. Thank you!”

“Great seminar! Very interactive and constantly changing during the day. Very engaging!”  Keely C.

“This was never boring and full of information and ideas to better reach and involve my students. It will motivate my students to learn and reach goals.”  Marilyn R.

“Engaging, relevant and I never thought I would learn so much in a single day!”  Donna S.


Video Testimonials for Student Engagement & Motivation

(also referred to as DI or Differentiated Instruction)

Jennifer McCarty Plucker